Plastic Bottle Cutter

  • Product Features:

    1. Have many customer don't know how to use this item after receiving it. We will tell you some important thing when you use it.
     - Please check out the blades first when you use it. (Check out the blades whether it is rusty and facing inside.)
     - Please check out the bottle is soft. (You can heat the bottle before cutting it.)
     - Please replace the blades in time. (Keep the blades sharp and we will provide 10 PCS professional blades as a gift for you.)
    2. Plastic Bottle Cutter
     - Reuse and recycle of all kinds, turning them into convenient universal handy ropes.
    3. Economical, eco-friendly, and useful tool to have in case of an emergency, Plastic Bottle Cutter is going to change the way people look at recycling.
    4. Why turn this old plastic bottle into a new plastic bottle when you can instead turn it into something that’s immediately useful? The answer is that there is no reason. No reason at all. Plastic Bottle Cutter makes recycling even smarter.
    5. The Plastic Bottle Cutter is also made of eco-friendly materials. It is very resistant, easy to keep, carry or store, and it can be your long-lasting strategic ally to turning plastic bottle problems into smart plastic solutions.


    Package Include:1pcs DIY Plastic Bottle Cutter


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