Pet Nail Trimmer

  • Features:
    Perfect for grinding and smoothing claws nails to prevent scratching and snagging, also to remove nail length.
    Adopt high quality emery grinding wheel and brass spindle, ensuring strong power and high rotational speed (6500RPM), efficiently clip and trim pet nails, reducing the risk of hurting pets.
    Appropriate for most dogs, cats and other pets.
    Faster & safer, cordless & portable design.
    Please cut the nail with nail clipper first if your dog's nails are very long.
    Unique protective cap contains clipped filings to prevent mess flying.
    Won't cut or hurt pet's sensitive tissue and nerves like clippers. 

    Color: White
    Material: ABS
    Speed: 6500 RPM
    Voltage: 3V
    Noise: 40dB
    Battery: 2 * AA 1.5V Battery (Not Included)
    Item Size: Approx. 137 * 37 * 25mm / 5.39 * 1.46 * 0.98in
    Item Weight: Approx. 73.3g / 2.58oz
    Package Size: Approx. 18.5 * 7 * 3.8cm / 7.28 * 2.76 * 1.50in
    Package Weight: Approx. 90.7g / 3.20oz 

    Using Instructions:
    Step 1: According to pet's size and nails characteristics, select the suitable port for your pet. Port 1 is for small-sized pets to grind nails; Port 2 is for medium and large pets; Port 3 (side) is for fast grinding. 
    Step 2: Holding nail grinder with right hand, open the switch of the nail grinder. Pinch pet's paws with left hand, put pet's nail gently into the hole, you can begin to grind the pet nails.

    ● At first show your beloved pet the nail grinder, let your pet touch & smell it and listen to the sound to avoid fear.
    ● If the pet is the first time to use nail grinder, it is recommended that the sharp fingernail or long wear parts should be grinded firstly, but not too much, avoid causing bleeding. 
    ● For pet's safety, it should be less than 5 seconds for each grinding time, to adjust the grooming angle of the pet nails.
    ● Open the battery from either side is more convenient.

    Cleaning Method:
    Use the eraser or cloth to gently touch any surface of the nail grinder to clear the nail powder on surface.    
    Then clean the ground of the pet nail grinder.
    Package List:
    1 * Electric Pet Nail Grinder
    1 * User Manual Card                                          


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