Multi tools Screw

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Technology and materials; precision casting mold stainless steel
Function; with the smallest size to create a more useful function of a tool which can be considered EDC environmental protection tools, simple and easy to carry, durable metal material, a wide variety of practical screw head [from 3MM-10MM hexagonal screw head, 1 / 4 universal casing, opener, cycling ring elastic regulator, word cross, T10 plum head, independent screwdriver, etc.]
Configuration; in addition to the "octopus" body, but also sent a separate screw head one and 304 stainless steel key ring 25mm diameter
Tips; 1, stainless steel if the humidity or temperature difference in the use of the same environment will appear rust, please keep dry, regular rub rub rust oil maintenance. 2, because it is casting process after the roll polishing, and some surfaces may be uneven polishing, individual products will have a fine surface of the trachoma or scratches, is a normal phenomenon do not mind.
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