MaxSharpX6™ Golf Club Cleaner & Sharpener

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Bring your irons and wedges back to life with MaxSharp™ Golf Club Cleaner & Sharpener, made by golfers for golfers!

The grooves in your irons are designed to enable ball control and spin. Frequent club use can not only fill the grooves with grit and dirt but can damage the groove edge. MaxSharp™ will add years of longevity to your irons and can be used on any brand of club.

All types of groove sharpener will sharpen, clean and refurbish U,V and square grooves back to new.

Designed and manufactured in Worksop, England by a skilled team of engineers with over 30 years experience. The MaxSharp™ golf club tools are the best quality groove sharpeners around.

Made from a high grade precision tool steel and are heat treated to 62-64 on the rockwell scale giving you the perfect cutting edge. All tools are precision ground to exact tolerances to ensure they comply by the R&A and USGA rules regarding width and depth.

How it works?
The MaxSharp™ golf sharpening tool works by sharpening the rolled over edges in the grooves of your club. The tool will also remove grit and particles of dirt that build up over time. The MaxSharp™ has a double ended form one V end and the other with a U to suit different kinds of grooves.

Direction of use
Place the shaft of your club on your shoulder and hold the club head firmly in your hand. Place the MaxSharp™ in the groove to be sharpened at a 70-90 degree angle with you dominant hand. Push and pull the tool through the grooves. The tool may want to stick on nics and rolled over metal. Repeat until the grooves are free of dirt grit and sand and has also reached desired sharpness. Use of oil is recommended and it may take 10-20 minutes to recondition badly damaged grooves. Once the grooves are sharp it is easy to keep them maintained. Use the tool to clean the grooves between hits.

The MaxSharpX6™ is currently the best value groover on the market. The X6 new design cutting tip function works with all types of grooves and all types club brands. There are 3 V edges and 3 U (square) edges. The MaxSharpX6™ comes in 3 colours Blue, White, Red.


More benefits:

  • -Effective and easy to use, convenient to carry.
  • -Improve Your Backspin and Ball Control by Cleaning and Re-shaping Your Clubs Grooves. Re-grooving your clubs helps prolong their life.
  • -Comfortable and non-slip handle made of aluminum,lighter and durable
  • -More useful than brush and safer than clean knives.Quickly clean the grooves, keep them sharp and clean.