Keep Your Phone Safe & Secure While Riding


    • All metal construction - no cheap plastic here!
    There's nothing worse than dropping your expensive phone except when it's dropping your expensive phone going 60 mph on the highway. Our durable all metal construction ensures that your phone will still be there allowing you to enjoy your ride.
    • Compatible with your favorite phone case or even no case
    No more having to change your phone case every time you get on your bike!  It even fits the "Otterbox Defender!"
    • 360 degree rotation giving you the best use of the valuable handlebar space!
    Handlebars don't have much in the way of real estate. Most the most of the limited space by having the option of a horizontal or vertical orientation (of anything in between).  Especially great for bikes where the larger phones mounted vertically can hit the gas tank.
    • Fits phones from 2.5 - 4 inches wide.
    Have that brand new over-sized model from Apple or Samsung? No problem
    • Fits a large range of phone sizes
    Future proof your holder. It's flexible enough to still work for you even after  you upgrade your phone!  Bigger phone - no problem!  Smaller phone - no problem!
    • Everything Included to Install
    All the parts to mount on your handlebars are included…you don't need to waste time trying to figure out if you have the right mounting clamp, the right size holder or mount. It's all included with your order to fits round handlebars from 7/8 - 1 1/4 inches.
    • Super Easy to Install

    Installed in minutes - It's one screw and everything is included right down to the Allen key.

    • Keep your phone in view 

    At a glance you tell if you want to answer the caller, giving you the option of ignoring your phone or pulling over to take that important call or get your important message.

    • GPS Navigation

    With GPS, you can easily avoid traffic and always find your way. The only way to get lost is if you want to.

    • Rider Apps

    Have the your favorite rider app open and explore biker friendly locations

    • MP3 Player

    Enhance your ride with your favorite playlist at your fingertips

    • Avoid having to constantly pull over

    Instead of pulling over every few minutes to check directions, let your phone tell you each turn needed

    • Compatible with Motorcycles, Scooters, ATVS Bicycles, and E-Bikes 

    Have lots of toys…the phone mount will allow you to take it with you from Motorcycle to bicycle, to Scooters to E-bikes, and even your ATV. As long the machine has round handlebars between 7/8- 11/4 inch diameter or get one for each

    • Ride CARE FREE knowing that your expensive phone is SAFE and SECURE!  All metal construction - no cheap plastic here!
    There's nothing worse than dropping your expensive phone except when it's dropping your expensive phone going 60 mph. Our durable all metal construction ensures that your phone will still be there allowing you to enjoy your ride



    • Fits phones up to 4 inches wide with cases ¾" thick
    • 360 degree turn radius 
    • Fits most phone makes and models (with or without the case)
    • Sits 2 inches off your handlebars freeing up valuable space
    • All metal construction provides excellent durability
    • Easy to install – its just one screw
    • Tool included for installation
    • Will not scratch your bike or phone
    • Fits securely on your handlebars
    • Fits round handlebars with 7/8 inch, 1 inch, or 1 ¼ inch diameter bars
    • Compatible with Motorcycles, Scooters, Bicycles, and E-Bikes 

    Includes one machined aluminium mount with tools and parts for installation. 

    Phone and Motorcycle not included. 

    Global Sierra does NOT recommend or endorse texting while riding!   Please ensure safe riding habits and obey local highway laws.



    FREE Standard USPS shipping is included (approximately 1-2 weeks)

    FEDEX 2 DAY BUSINESS delivery is available for US orders starting at $9.99




    "Just picked one up. This mount is AWESOME! The construction is UNREAL & the price was UNBELIEVABLE! I paired it with a Ghostek Atomic 3 case on my Road Glide & it will DEFINITELY give me the protection I need for my phone on rides. If you're on the wall about this, DON'T BE...pull the trigger!"  Andy B, NY

    "I have used mine on several rides no bounce no rattle works great. Got several phones and holders that are trashed. Global Sierra has the best product on the market. Try one."  Chuck G, MO

    "Just got mine and I love it. Very simple to remove the phone and it is of high quality!!"  Brook W, OH

    "Awesome love mine.  Got one of those big cases holds it well"  Bill P, MA

    "It works great. My Droid turbo 2 with an OtterBox fits with plenty of room to spare. It's much easier to use than my old phone mount."  Mark N, IA

    "Love mine! Zero movement...very stable mount." Rob R, NY

    " love mine and very good quality!"  Carla M, OH

    "Got one,,,its great!! Works great!! Holds the phone great!!" Ray F, FL

    "Installed mine yesterday and it worked great. It clamped to my 1.25" bars without a problem. Very well build as well" Mike O, CO

    "I bought one of these it really works good" Jim F, IL

    "Love Mine" Tim T, NC

    "Love holder out there!"  Brett C, ON

    "After trying several phone mounts I tried this one and it does work with iPhone 8 plus in a Mophie case. Really happy with this mount."  Dave A, MN

    "Got it. Really like it. The first one I got had short prongs and my phone had big case so it wouldn’t work. I had posted that and the company contacted me. I sent that one back and they immediately sent me new one with longer prongs. Great customer service"..William M, TX

    "Just received mine, impressed with the construction and materials." Juan P, CO

    " I like mine it works great"  Bob M, PA

    "So I just completed a 1900 mile motorcycle trip from Texas through the mountains of New Mexico a d back. Lots of smooth road, and some pretty rough road. I thought the rigid position would be a problem, but it turned out to exceed my expectations! My phone stayed very secure and was not affected by rain or bumpy roads. I used another mount that required the use of the rules rubber bands, but the security mounts either attached over the volume buttons or the on/off switch. This mount does not affect either of these. I plan to give away my older mount, as this is tops for me!"  Mike C, TX

     "I just want to say I bought this one because the other one I bought from this company was a little short for my Hollywood bars, I went to an event in Lawton, Oklahoma, rode from Rock Hill South Carolina and back using this new one, it worked flawlessly on my iPhone 8 with an otter box Defender case, believe me, I was on I-40 for a long time but before that I was on the 26 and the 85 with massive potholes and grooves and this holder did not even budge, nor did my phone ever come loose, this is the best holder I have had so far, low profile as you see in the pics, I threw my two plastic ones in the trash. I finally bought something for a reasonable price and it didn’t fall apart after a week of use"  Robert S, SC




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