2 pcs Teflon Non-stick Pan Mat

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1. The anti-adhesive particularly good, smooth surface, the surface easy to clean(such as: all oil, stain, or other attachments, etc.,) can be used repeatedly.
2. Prevent oil matter in the baking process overflowed onto the bottom of the oven,Size can be arbitrarily cut according to the oven.
3. Conventional temperature -70-360 Degrees Celsius, the highest up to 400 Degrees Celsius.
4. Can safe use in dishwasher, Non-toxic, safe for contact with food, and have preservative function.
Material: ptfe coated fiberglass fabric
Color: Black
Size: diameter Approx 24cm
Thickness: about 0.12mm
1. Cut baked platter into desired size and shape
2. Placed on the pot, pan or other container top
3. Put food on the platter grilled
4. After food ripe, remove the roast and cooling, washed water
5. Baked platter can be used repeatedly 


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